The Association Of Banks In Malaysia



To educate bank customers and the people in general on the various ways to identify phishing attempts, scams and fraudulent attempts to gain sensitive data from intended victims.

The Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) is aware that bank customers and the people are always doubtful and unsure of phishing, scams & fraud.


We leveraged on Astro’s various social media platfroms (Gempak, Zon Lawak, Akademi Fantasia, Salam Muslim, Maharaja Mega Lawak, Pencetus Ummah, Xuan, Ulagam & Astro Awani) and launched three different versions of short videos.

The video content were about re-enactments of real life situation where the people faced with scams and fraudulent attempts and imply solutions for viewers.


(6 weeks campaign)

  • Reached 13.2 million people on Facebook
  • 5.2 million Online Video Views
  • Garnered 88K Engagements on Facebook