OSIM Parents’ Day Video Campaign


Osim wanted to leverage the festive season (Parents’ Day) to reinforce their brand recall and positioning instead of pushing specific products and services

They also wanted to employ an inspirational approach rather than the usual emotional appeal that many in their category use.


We created a series of long-form videos that were uploaded to Xuan’s website and Facebook page. The videos where humorous and fast-paced, and integrated OSIM’s product USP into the light hearted content to create virality and word-of-mouth frenzy.

We also produced a shortened version (30 sec) that was used on TV to capture the interest of audiences.


(1 month campaign)

  • Reached 2,223,439 people on Facebook
  • 986,654 Online Video Views
  • Garnered 13,697 Engagements on Facebook

“Let Mom Find Your Prince Charming”

OSIM Parents’ Day Video