Welcome To The Enfamama A+ Club!


Parents are generally very selective about formula milk brands because it’s the well-being of their child at stake.

In order to build trust and position themselves as a reliable brand, Mead Johnson wanted to drive free sample requests of their Enfagrow A+ formula milk and sign-ups to their Enfamama A+ Club—while also collecting leads that they can use to target interested parents.


We built a lead generation campaign targeting expective mothers, new mothers, and mothers with children aged 1 to 6. Lead forms were strategically placed on platforms frequented by these sets of audience, namely Mingguan Wanita, Keluarga, Pa & Ma, MELODY, MIX, MY, and Rojak Daily.


10-week campaign

  • First 6 weeks saw a 0.084% CTR for the lead form
  • 1,200 leads generated, exceeding the guaranteed leads by 20%
  • Impressed, Mead Johnson extended the campaign for another 4 weeks, this time getting a 0.095% CTR—a 13% improvement from the previous month
  • 2,345 leads generated, exceeding the guaranteed leads by 35%

The Enfamama A+ Club