JomPAY Like A Champion


PayNet asked us to help create more awareness and boost usership for JomPAY, a bill payment feature they created. The overall goal was to educate the public about JomPAY, inform them about its lesser known functions, and to demonstrate how this product is both convenient as well as time-saving.


We kickstarted the campaign by educating the audience on what JomPAY is and what common problems it can solve.

We crafted 7 articles that are relevant to Malaysians’ lifestyle to bring out the benefits of JomPAY. Then created talkability about a JomPAY contest with a series of social media posts in the form of Facebook polls and Instagram posts. The campaign ended with a fun video to showcase JomPAY’s user-friendly and convenient functions.


1 month campaign

  • Over 1.5 million reach on Facebook
  • 67,264 pageviews to all advertorials
  • 1,248,264 combined video views

JomPAY Video

4 Kesilapan Masa First Date

First date tu memang mendebarkan sampai ramai yang selalu buat 4 kesilapan macam yang Jaasuzuran buat kat sini. Haihh! Tapi jangan risau, dengan adanya JomPAY, confirm date korang tu akan jadi lebih indah dan smooth! Kan senang!

Posted by ERA (Malaysia) on Monday, 12 November 2018