Kasi Clear Dengan MARA


Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) is a Malaysian government agency, which aimed to aid, train and guide Bumiputra, especially in the areas of business.

However, MARA realised that many users tend to neglect payments and the emotive benefits of being debt-free.


We leveraged on our largest Malay platforms – ERA, SINAR & GEGAR, launched ‘Kasi Clear Dengan MARA’.

Anchored by ERA, to produce an informative video featuring Dr Haji Fadzilah Kamzah. The content of the video highlighted the problem, solution and benefits of being debt-free.

We have also carefully crafted a fun online content to highlight the objective. The articles were shared on supportive platforms – SINAR & GEGAR. 


1 week campaign

  • Reached 1,591,052 people on Facebook
  • Achieved 655,321 video views (Guaranteed 150K video views) and 37,773 page views (Guaranteed 20K page views)
  • 27,539 engagements on social media
  • 363,000 impressions (Guaranteed 300K impressions) with 65% Video Completion Rate on Audience Extension activity

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